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  • Est. 2006

    We have been doing custom AV and smart homes for 17 years now
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    Proud member of the professional community - Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association
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    A practical experience of successful completion of complex projects, both residential and commercial
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Many automation systems have quietly become part of our lives. However, home automation systems are not very common. People often hesitate to "overcomplicate" things, but the true essence of a smart home is quite the opposite – it aims to simplify the user's experience and make complex engineering systems easy to control.
Luxury smart homes take this a step further by incorporating advanced engineering and expertise, resulting in lasting solutions offered by both the brand and system integrator. Furthermore, the inclusion of handcrafted finishes, custom designs, and adapting solutions to match the customer's lifestyle adds a genuine touch of luxury and value to everything we do.
Ihor Khusid
Founder & Chief Engineer
Ihor is a co-founder of Kyiv office and a sole founder of the London office of our company. Being an engineer and entrepreneur he has been mastering smart home solutions since 2006.

«I have Smart Home featuring Lutron shades and lighting controls, BluOS multi-room audio and other systems at my own city apartment and at country house and I love it. I know how to set up comfortable features of lighting control with Lutron and use its unique magic of scenes, therefore I personally think about my clients' projects from the perspective of their everyday life with smart home, their logistics around the house, aesthetic of the design and how Lutron and other systems can enhance it»

- Igor Khusid, founder and CEO,

IQ Premium Engineering Ltd

Solutions and systems we provide for your comfort
  • Lighting Design
    Choosing the right concept, making lighting calculations with special software, providing specification and supply of the best equipment for the project.
  • Lighting Controls
    From single zone dimmers to the whole-house premise the magic of Lutron lighting scenes makes lighting to adopt to the customers activity, mood and time of day via elegant wall controls or smartphone application.
  • Shading Design
    We help to develop the concept of shading for interior design, wide choice of fabrics from original collections by Lutron and other brands, custom tailored to the project needs.
  • Shading Automation
    The best industry solutions for traditional drapery automation, roman shades, wood blinds and ultra-quiet roller shades. Exclusive Lutron Palladiom roller shades.
  • HVAC Controls
    Every complex project has sophisticated HVAC system, either autonomous or under automation by smart homes. We can handle any option with sleek and stylish user interface by Lutron and PolarBear.
  • Power Management
    Managing not only lighting but other loads, getting feedback on the state of circuit breakers and "health" of the power system is essentially important. We can do that with ease.
  • Multiroom Audio
    This is a convenient ambient home music which follows you from your bedroom to the bathroom and then to the kitchen, easily managed to play the necessary track in high-fidelity quality.
  • Hi-End TV
    Watching your favourite sports or cinema still requires conveniently large video-panel which can aesthetically fit into your interior design. This can be traditional fixed, hidden or retractable, or even transforming unfolding TV.
  • Media Rooms
    When you decide to transform your living room into media room, this means hi-end audio and video experience, both with equipment and interior design features. Some special solutions are available, like L-Acoustics Creations.
  • Custom Home Cinema
    Large house can easily host a dedicated area for true home cinema theatre, with experience similar to large-screen theatres, but with much better quality and comfort. Indeed, this is a Director's choice to watch any movie.
  • Network and WiFi
    The core system of any modern home and essential necessity for access to you smart home via Internet.
  • CCTV
    Video surveillance and recording allows to feel much more comfort and security, while preventing unwanted perils or tracking evidence of any situation.
  • Security and notifications
    Everyone in the house sleeps well when reliable security system is engaged. Breach, fire or leak can be reacted almost instantly to send alarm signals to homeowner and security service people.
  • Others
    Custom project always brings challenges of non-standard tasks and solutions, this is where our creativity and experience take the first place.
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